GrahamSpicy Unedited Excerpt from:

Highland Burn:Graham

Copyright Sarah McCarty 2017
All rights reserved


Licking her lips, she whispered “Thank you.”

‘That squeak in your voice wouldn’t be because you’re worried?”

“I don’t want to appear foolish.”

“And if I told you I think you’re sexy not foolish? Would that help?”


Graham nuzzled her ear, catching the lobe between his teeth. “I’m thinking not.”


He bit down gently. “The death grip you have on my shirt.”

She immediately let go. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s in the way.”

In the next breath he took it off and she had a unimpeded view of his torso. His beautiful well muscled, perfectly proportioned torso with those broad shoulders that invited the curve of her palm, and those thick pads of warm muscle that encouraged exploration. The curve of a pectoral that begged the graze of her finger. The air in the hut grew hotter, heavier, pressing her down in the mattress. Maybe pressing into him, too, because his weight settled over her. Thigh to thigh, hip to hip. Closing her eyes, she breathed deeply, letting the lush sensation of skin on skin sink into her desire. So good. So hot. So wonderful. Out of the haze a memory pushed forward. Of them naked. Of Graham’s thigh sliding between hers, opening her as his tongue curled around her nipple, laving it gently before drawing it into the hot warmth of his mouth with a moist suction that

“Oh, I remember this.”


It was very good. Almost as good as the brush of his lips over her collar bone, the string of kisses he sprinkled up the side of her neck, the kiss he pressed on her lips.

“Good morning.”

“It’s almost afternoon.”

Another press of his mouth to hers followed by a soft chuckle. “I’m starting the day over.”

“Oh.” His free hand slid down her side, settling on the side of her hip. She shifted a bit closer. He was so warm to her touch. His skin stretched taut over hard muscle. Her palms tingled as she swept them down his back, finding the hollow of his spine and pressing. He moaned and shifted closer still. Against the inside of her thigh, she felt the press of her thigh. Instinct had her scooting down and over. Growling deep in his throat, Graham shifted in counterpoint, not stopping until his cock pressed against the soft pad of her pussy. Heat seared deep, gathering into a tight ball before streaking outward from her core in lightning flashes of pleasure that left her gasping and desperately wanting more.


“Easy, Mary mine.”

She didn’t want easy. She wanted more of the same. He was so big, so hard, so perfect against her. With little pulses of her hips she encouraged more of those lightning flashes. More of that heat.

“So good.”

“Aye.” His hand slipped behind her back and arched her up, displaying her for his pleasure. She watched as he smoothed his fingers over her breasts, caught the edge of her shift and drew it down. His hands dark against the cream of her skin as he placed the tip of his finger against the tip of his breast, watching her as the fire found a new source, watching as she absorbed its impact. It was shocking. It was exciting. It was as erotic as anything she’d ever imagined.

“So pretty.”

Still smiling, still holding her gaze, he parted his lips and leaned in. Even knowing what he was going to do didn’t diminish the shock as he took her swollen nipple into the heat of his mouth. Sensation built on sensation. Flame on flame. Twisting on the sheets she reached for something, somewhere to anchor her. Her fingers found his hair. She grabbed tight, pulling him closer before pushing him away when the feeling became too much.

“No,” he whispered, pressing soft kisses on the turgid tip, gentling the storm inside with tenderness. “Don’t push me away, Mary. Not tonight.”

No. He was right. She didn’t want to push him away. Maybe tomorrow but not tonight. Tonight she wanted his hands on her body, his mouth covering hers. She wanted him on her, in her, all around her. She wanted the pleasure her body claimed was waiting. She wanted to know what it was to be a woman before she became a pawn again. She wanted to know him. Stretching her fingers wide, she slid them down his back and then back up, curving them over his shoulders, kneading the hard muscle there, before drawing him down.

“Show me what I forgot last night, Graham. Make me feel what you did.”

His smile stretched against her cheek. “Aw, Mary. I do like ye bold.”

His lips nibbled at her neck, found the taut chord, opened, sucked.

She arched into the tingle that shot down her spine, shivered as the goose bumps Raced over her skin. “Oh my.”

This chuckle she felt first and heard later. Another unique experience. “You like that?”


“Good. So do I.”

As if to prove his point, Graham did it again. Only this time he took his time, letting her experience every nuance, the softness of his lips, the moist caress of his breath, the heat of his tongue, and the delicate scrape of his teeth, the equally delicate nip along the sensitive cord. Every sensation was new, unique, addictive. Every sensation just made her want more.


“Please what?”

She should’ve known he was the type to make her beg. But strangely, she didn’t mind. Maybe it was the newness of what she was experiencing. Maybe it was the pleasure racing along her nerve endings faster than caution could catch up. Maybe it was the fact that she was discovering a whole different side of herself that she’d never even suspected existed. She opened her eyes. Or maybe it was the way Graham watched her as if her pleasure was his.

“Please, don’t stop.”

“Not even if the King’s own soldiers rode up.”

It was her turn to chuckle. Her turn to say “good”. His turn to say “aye”. And it was good all of it from the feel of his muscles flexing under her hands to his cock pulsing against the inside of her thigh. She spread her legs, responding to an inner prompting. Heat swelled outward from her core rising with the temperature in the room, sealing them together in a private fire that just got hotter and hotter, searing her inhibitions to insubstantial ash as Graham’s callused fingers slid down her arm and threaded between hers. The intent in the gesture brought her eyes up. The sincerity in his expression kept her gaze locked to his.

“I’ll take care of you, Mary.”

A promise in the middle of a storm. An anchor she could hold onto.


“For as long as you need. You’re my wife.”

And he was her husband. His hand closed around her breast, plumping it for his attention. Fire raced shock for the strongest reaction. Fire won, shooting inward and downward, settling in a tight ball in her core. Goose bump built on top of goose bump. Excitement on top of anticipation. And all it took to send the sparks into flames was the curl of his tongue, the scrape of his teeth, the erotic nip of his kiss. Gasping Mary arched up into the pressure, needing something, anything.


Yes, that was what she needed More. More of his touch. More of the pleasure. As if he could hear the unvoiced plea, Graham did it again, and again, bring the sensitive nub to a hardened peak. Sending wave after wave of delight along her nerves.

“Did you do this last night?” she gasped, writhing on the bed.

“Not as much as I wanted to. Lift up.”

As soon as she did, he slipped the shift off her shoulders. Cool air wafted over her heated flesh. Her nipples drew up that much tighter, became that much more sensitive. She closed her eyes.

“Now, that’s a pretty sight for a man.”

“It is?”

“Open your eyes and see.”

She preferred to keep them closed. It was easier to hold onto the illusion that today was a moment apart. That this was more than two bodies coming together in rut. That she wasn’t being a fool.

“I’m content you think so.”

“I do. And I’m betting you’ll be tasting just as sweet.”

Taste. Oh damn! Other fragments of the night before came back to her. His mouth on her neck. Tiny nibbles on her breast. Hot suction on the tip. Just like­…now. Oh! That was what she’d forgotten. But how? How could she forget the divine sensation of a man’s mouth on her breast. How cool his hair felt between her fingers as she held him to her. How hot his mouth was in contrast.

And again the shock. She was holding a man’s mouth to her breast while she moaned beneath him.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“I can’t—” Keep quiet. Control this.

With a soft kiss, Graham left her breasts and came over her. With an equally soft kiss to her mouth he asked, “You wouldn’t be worried about how I see your reactions?”

All the fears she didn’t know she’d been harboring came rushing to the fore. “I’m not even sure what I’m doing so how could I be worried about doing it right?”

“An excellent point.”

Catching her hand on his, he placed the right one above her head. While she stared bemused at the flex of muscle exhibited by the move, he grabbed the other and bound them lightly with her hair.

“Now you don’t have to be worried about thing. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy.”

She smiled into his eyes, sliding her hair through her fingers, letting it fall to the pillow around them. “Maybe I’m not the ‘lay back’ type.”

His lips brushed her cheek, her neck, the jut of her collar bone, the swell of her breast, the hollow between. Tiny shudders rippled through her. Her fingers clenched in his hair, holding him close. “Maybe I’m the touching type.”

“Then I’ll be a happy man.”

She took his laughter into her mouth, found it wound deeper, touching a neglected chord in her soul, that part of her that was always wanted to matter, to be wanted for herself. Brought it forward.

His tongue grazed her nipple, rolling it gently before taking it into his mouth. Hot. Cold. Graham gradually increased the pressure. Pleasure. Need.


“Come here.”

In a blink of an eye he rolled them over, settling her on top. As she blinked in surprise, he made a sound halfway between a chuckle and groan. “You’ll like this.”

She already did. His cock between her legs, her hands on his chest the power to move as she wanted. “I get to be in charge?”

He smiled. “Aye. For a bit.”

She wiggled seductively, smiling when his gaze dropped to her breasts. “Only for a bit?”

“Unless you can convince me otherwise.” Tugging on the hem of her shift he order, “Kneel up.”

She did, a blush rising with her. Her thigh clenched the outside of his. His hands fumbled between them before with a smooth pull he removed her shift. For a moment she knelt there trapped in her own uncertainty, but then his hands were on her hips, guiding her down. His cock settled between her legs, finding the wet heat, rubbing intimately. She gasped. He groaned.

“That’s it lass. Just like that.”


That was pressure at a place that was so sensitive it was exquisite. That was pure joy in physical from. That was Graham’s hands on her hips, teaching her how to move, how to please him. Her. Each other. Bracing her hands on his chest she took over, responding to the rhythm inside, a thrill taking her as Graham’s eyes narrowed and his hips bucked.

His grip tightened on her breasts. More pleasure. More heat. “Hell.”

She shook her head. “Heaven.” Most definitely heaven.”

Another slow draw of her hips over his. Another shiver of delight. “Woman, you’re going to kill me.”

The fire inside grew hotter. More urgent. “Graham, I need…”

She shook her head. She didn’t know what she needed. This but more. Somehow more.

With a growl he flipped them over, separating their bodies, too soon. She’d just need a little more.

Graham’s hand fisted in her hair as he settled between her legs, tilting her head back for his kiss. Hot, savage and primal his mouth took hers in a searing possession. Holding her gaze, he whispered against her mouth, “I know exactly what you need.”

She grabbed his shoulders, holding tight as her world narrowed to his voice, his touch. “Then give it to me.”

He laughed at the rake of her nails. Groaned at the thrust of her hips. “Aye, it’s time.”

With a shift of his hips, his cock settled into the well of her vagina. Too big. Too hard.

Bracing her hands on his chest she shook her head. “Graham…”

“Easy. I’ve got you.”

The pressure began slow, steady, giving her time to get used to the idea, not letting her run. And through it all, he watched her face, easing her fear with soft kisses and hot words. When the pressure bordered on pain, he kissed her harder deeper. His hand slipped between them and found that spot that ached for his touch. Teased it, tempted it, encouraged it until all she wanted was the full thrust that sealed them as one. Begged for it, and when Graham gave it to her, screamed at the utter perfection.

“Mine.” The claim mingled with her breath, blended with desire, became one with the passion burning brighter with every thrust of his hips, every swirl of his finger.

Arching up, she pleaded with her body, her eyes even as she resisted the flames searing her from the inside out. Another thrust. Another swirl. A tender flick. A gentle pinch.

“Just let it happen, Mary. Don’t fight it.”

She couldn’t. This was too much, too consuming.

The pinch became a tug followed by another swirl, and then another. Each one firmer than the last. Each one in rhythm with his thrusts. Each one driving her toward that beautiful oblivion that threatened to take her away from herself. “Come for me, Mary mine.”

She shook her head. “I can’t.”

“You can. Just feel me.”

She didn’t have any choice. He was so deep, stretching her so perfectly, setting a rhythm so compelling she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think.

“Oh God.”

“That’s it, that’s what I want, baby. You drowning in pleasure.”


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