Spicy Excerpt from LETTING GO

Copyright © Sarah McCarty 2007
All rights reserved Harlequin SPICE, Inc.

"Sweetheart, a few nerves aren't going to send me running scared."

"Even if I babble occasionally?"'

He turned in her arms, his hands dropping to the hollow of her spine. "I've never seen you babble. Might be cute to witness."

She tilted her head back. With a foot difference in their heights, she had to lean back a bit before she could see his expression. "Trust me, it's not a pretty picture."

That half amused, half indulgent smile was still on his face. His head bent. Just before his mouth met hers, he whispered, "I'll chance it."

If there was ever proof that the man got her, it was right there in his kiss. He didn't just take what he wanted like she expected, but rather he seduced, his mouth rubbing against hers in a subtle coaxing that sapped the anxiety right out of her and replaced it with warm willingness. Willingness to trust him, to do what he wanted, to be what he wanted. What she wanted.

She opened her mouth and stretched up on her toes accepting the thrust of his tongue, the natural dominance in his hold, tilting her head to give him more, letting him lead her past the point where caution said stop. Spreading her legs for the insertion of his thigh between, checking her impulse to control the need to rub against him, following her instinct and his lead rather than her head. With her next breath she inhaled his groan of satisfaction.

"That's it. Just let it happen."

His grip moved to her hips, lifting her up against the thrust of his cock, pressing down as she worked her hips in an effort to get closer, to his heat, his cock, to him…

Too soon he was sliding her down his body, setting her feet on the ground, separating their lips.

"Hold that thought."

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