Spicy Unedited Excerpt from:

Caine's Reckoning

Copyright © Sarah McCarty 2006
All rights reserved Harlequin SPICE.

"Make me feel good, Caine."

“How good? ‘Like a lady’ good or ‘like a woman good’?”

 “What’s the difference?”

 “One’s a hell of a lot more fun.”

 If Caine thought to throw her off with straight talk, he was mistaken. Desi pursed her lips and her head cocked to the side. “I was a lady for a lot of years and never had much fun so I’m thinking ‘like a woman’ good.”

 “Damn, I love it when you bring your wild side out to play.”

 “You think I have a wild side?”

 “I think you’re wild, passionate and everything else a man could want.”

 “You’re a very strange man.”

 “Now is that any way to go talking about your husband?”

 Her arms linked around his neck, pulling him toward her.

 He braced his arm on the other side of her. “No.”


 He shook his head. “No reminders.”

 Her gaze skated his. “That’s going to be hard to accomplish.”

 “You thinking you know all there is to know about lovemaking because of what they did to you?”

 That was a definite “yes” in her eyes. He rolled them back to the middle of the bed, stopping with her on top. Her little gasp as she ended up straddling his cock, along with the lowering of her lids, was as sexy as hell.

 She was clearly unfamiliar with this position. Probably because it gave her freedom, and a sense of freedom was something her captors wouldn’t have wanted to encourage in her. He tugged the blankets from beneath them and then freed her from the nightgown. He wanted her as wild as he could get her. “Lift up.”

 A little smack on her right buttock had her moving with an alacrity that had those breasts shimmying. Her legs were just long enough for her hips to clear his, making it a tricky process to get his pants down, but once he got going, he could see the benefits. With every push, the damp, silky-soft heat of her pussy caressed the back of his hands.

 He shoved his pants past his knees and kicked them free of his bare feet. His cock throbbed, jerking up, seeking her heat. He put his hands on her hips, holding her gaze.

 “Sink down now, sweetheart. Bring that petal-soft pussy down over me.”

 She did, biting her lips, fear and temptation in those big blue eyes. Her muscles clenched, locking him out.

 He brought his hand up to her cheek. “Tonight I want you to hold onto one thought. What happens between us is happening between a husband and a wife. And it’s for our pleasure.”

 She blushed and her gaze ducked his.

 “What?” He touched his thumb to the corner of her mouth.

 “I’m worried I’m not going to do this right.”

 “So am I, so that’s just one more thing we have in common.”

 That pulled her up short. “You’re worried?”

 “Sure. Why wouldn’t I be? Every woman’s different and a man who can’t please his wife has a lot to lose.”

 “You expect to please me?”

 “Definitely.” He slid his cock up along the warm nest she created, tilting her hips with his hand until he felt the little tip of her clit stroke him, too. “Do you like that?”

 “It’s fine.”

 Fine seemed to be the adjective she applied to anything that didn’t hurt. Except she was enjoying this. The proof was in the spill of her cream around him.

 “Do you want me to do it again?”

 “If you like.”

 Oh he liked. He liked the way she shuddered on the upstroke, and the way her breath broke on the down, suspending in her lungs in an agony of anticipation until he returned to the rhythm. The way her fingers dug into his shoulders as she pushed back, seeking more. Oh, yes. He definitely liked.

 He did it again, and again, sliding her along his cock, bathing himself in the liquid fire, watching as all the while, she fought it. The pleasure. The surrender. Her lip slid between her teeth as the cream slid from her body. Her muscles contracted in a rhythmic prelude to release, but there wasn’t any anticipation in her eyes, just that same breathless struggle between what her body wanted and what she couldn’t accept.

 He pulled her face to his, kissing her mouth, taking her little squeaks into his mouth, smiling at the pitch of the last.

 “Stay with me now,” he whispered, before bringing his mouth toward her breast, stopping an inch away, giving her a chance to adjust. She went stiff as a board. Fear or anticipation?

 The answer came as Desi closed that distance, bridging that gap in a leap of faith that humbled him. He opened his mouth and accepted the fragile gift, curling his tongue around the hard peak in a gentle hug. Her gasp was his reward. Along with a soft “Oh yes” as he began to suck. Her hand came to his cheek, holding his mouth to the angle that pleased, shyness fading under passion. Damn, he loved her like this.

 Urgency gathered in the base of his spine, different than before, hotter, laden with potent embers of emotion he’d identify if passion weren’t riding him so hard. Releasing her breast, he lifted her forward and up. “I need you, Desi. Don’t hold back.”

 Her lashes flickered under the lash of truth, but he didn’t see distaste in her expression, just a deepening of the confusion as he coaxed her up. He took his hand off her hip and grasped his cock, pushing it back along that slick temptation, his breath hissing in a harsh rasp as all that heat and wetness tore at his control.

 Her hair slid free of her braid and tumbled around them. The scent of lilacs and Desi filled his next breath.

 He held her gaze and let her see his excitement, his restraint, his passion. A slow blink heralded the arrival of his cock at its destination. The delicate muscles clenched in an intimate kiss. The pressure in his balls built. He wanted her to go with him. Wanted this to be more than a fulfilling of an obligation for her.

 He rubbed the petal-soft skin of her cheek. “What’s going through that head of yours, Desi girl?”

 “I don’t know who you are.”

 “I’m your husband.”

 “But what does that mean?”

 He pressed up while urging her down, keeping it slow and steady, watching her face for signs of discomfort. “It means you’re not alone anymore.”

 Her frown got deeper. Pain?

 “Am I hurting you?”

 Her hair whipped across his chest in taunting little flicks of sensation as she shook her head.

 He had to exert more pressure to keep her face to his. “Then what’s wrong.”


 Her muscles gave up the unequal battle. His cock popped the first inch into that tight inferno.


 Her eyes closed. So did his. The white-hot pleasure whipped through him, summoning the threads of passion and spinning them into a blistering need for satisfaction. She was as tight as he remembered. Hot, sweet and melting around him, the inner muscles rippling in tiny repercussions to his possession.

 He tested the point of their joining. The delicate skin felt paper thin. He gritted his teeth against the instinctive urge to plunge deep. To claim her hard and fast. He gave a tentative pulse of his hips. The skin pulled in with his cock. Desi gave a soft little cry.

 Pain? Pleasure? He couldn’t be sure. Son of a bitch, he should have prepared her better. He’d never been with a woman so small before. The fan of her lashes against her cheek emphasized the slightly exotic cast to her face. “Am I hurting you Desi?”

 Another small shake of her head that coincided with the ripple that went through her body. He pulled back, her soft cry cutting his withdrawal short.

 “Are you all right?”

 Another shake of the head. He needed to see her expression. “Open your eyes.”

 A sharp squeeze of her chin punctuated the order. Her lashes lifted slowly, languorously, revealing the eyes of a woman confused by the response of her own body.

 “There’s my wild Gypsy.” The smile started deep inside. “Now, let’s see if I can find that sweet spot that makes you feel so good.”







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