Unedited Excerpt:

Sam's Creed

Copyright © Sarah McCarty 2007
All rights reserved Harlequin SPICE.

He covered her body with his, bringing his chest down over her slender back. “Duchess?”


The airy little question was barely audible.

“I’m going to make you mine now.”

"I have always been yours.”

Yes, she had. “But since you seemed to forget that, we'll just call this a refresher.”

He brought his cock in alignment with the soft, wet heat of her pussy. The red swollen flesh welcomed his eagerly, conforming to the broad helmet of his cock with a lover's thoroughness, wrapping around and holding him as he settled into the shallow well. His cock looked huge against her delicate flesh, appearing almost brutally big against the lush folds. She whimpered. Her pussy twitched. Tension entered her muscles. He stroked his fingertips down her spine.

“Trust me, baby.”

She took a shuddering breath. And then muscle by muscle relaxed. He pressed in. She took him as she always did with a feminine surrender that went deeper than the physical. Deeper than she wanted to accept, but she took him. He kept going, filling her with a steady pressure. “That’s it, Bella. Just relax and let me in.”

“You’re so,” her breath caught, “so big.”

"And you like that.”

Her lips slid between her teeth. The flush on her cheek deepened as muscle gave and she took another inch. Her "yes" came out on a groan.

"You almost have all of me.”

Her hands clenched to fists beside her hips. “Almost?”

He couldn’t blame her for the high squeak. He was bound to feel bigger to her this way. “Just a little more.”

Putting more of his weight into the slow thrust, he inexorably filled her past the point of denial for either of them. Her right buttock shone a creamy taupe in the bright sun. His shadow covered the left. He put his hand over the right, pressing in with his fingers, marking her flesh as he marked her pussy. When he removed his hand, the imprint lingered a moment and then disappeared even as his groin pressed into the pad of her pussy. She groaned and shivered.

“Easy, baby.”

Her breath came in short pants as she held him, her inner muscles flexing and releasing in little flutters that had his balls pulling up tight.

"Are you all right?” She was so tight sometimes he wondered how she took him at all.

“Oh yes!”

“Good.” He worked his cock out, groaning himself as the friction burned with erotic perfection. No one ever made him feel like Bella, no one ever fit him like she did. In bed and out. He leaned over, rubbing his chest along her back, delighting in the feel of her vertebrae against his abdomen and chest, maneuvering so the ridge of her spine nestled into the deeply grooved muscle of his torso, linking them from shoulder to navel, absorbing her shudder as he whispered in her ear, “I’m going to make love to you now, Bella. The way I’ve wanted to since the day I met you.”

A long pause, another shudder and then a subtle tension entered her spine as her hands opened and then her fingers curled as if grabbing hold. Her feet shifted on the ground. Her toes found purchase. He kissed the nape of her neck for the moment of anxiousness. She still had a lot to learn about him.

He eased himself back in, slowly, lazily, ignoring the inner urging that said to ride her hard. His Bella knew too much about his hard side and not enough about the part of him that found everything about her a wonder, something to be treasured, respected, loved. The echo of her moan filled the clearing as he filled her. He kissed that corner of her lush mouth. “I’m going to love you like this, Bella. Slow and sweet, so sweet when you come, you’re going to lose yourself, and when you find your way back, I’m going to be there holding you, keeping you safe, the way it’s supposed to be.”

A tear glistened in her eye. His smoothed his lips over the corner. “No tears, no sadness. Just you and me, baby.”

He slid his hand under her cheek cushioning her face from the hard stone. The heat of the rock seeped into his hand, the heat of her skin warmed his palm. “Push up with your toes.”

As always she followed his order, the trust she gave him a gift he valued. Braced his weight on his elbow, he slid his other hand under her belly. “Settle down now.”

She did, with exquisite slowness and a little gasp that breezed over his fingers as the calluses on his palms scraped her engorged clit. “Keep going.”

She hesitated. “I’m sensitive.”

“Hmm,” he kissed the curve of her ear as he feathered his index finger over the swollen nub. She flinched. Very sensitive. “I can work with that.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I told you. Love you. Now,” He snuggled against her.“Rest yourself on my hand and let me get to it.”

Her shivery sigh of his name accompanied the lowering of her hips. Sam accepted her weight the same way he accepted her trust. Completely.“ That’s my girl.”

The echo of his own words resounded through his head as he pumped slowly in and out of the tight confines of her pussy, glorying in her response. She was his. Had always been his and while he might have been fool enough for a spell to think he could let her go, he was never letting her go again. She could try and hide all she wanted from him, but he wasn’t going to allow it. A woman like Bella was special. She deserved a man strong enough to keep her.

In and out, in and out, he slowly, surely joined then together. Over and over, canting his hips to the angle that had his cock striking that spot halfway up her channel. Her moans punctuated the rhythm he set, adding a rhythm of their own. She alternated between grinding her mound down on his hands and pushing her hips back into his descent, every muscle in her body trying to hurry him on, but he didn’t want to hurry. He wanted to stay inside her forever.

Turning her mouth into his palm, she bit the pad of his fingers as he leisurely stroked her clit with a touch too light to give her what she needed to come, but what he needed to feel. Her want. Her desire rising beyond her control, beyond safe. “That’s it Bella. Go with it. “

She shook her head. He lowered her lips to her ear, nuzzling his way through his hair, creating a provocative haven where only he and she existed. “Yes. Come for me baby. Let me feel that sweet pussy clamp down on my cock, let me feel your orgasm milk me to my own." He increased the speed and pressure of his touch, pinning her to the rock as she jerked, holding her steady as he rubbed faster, harder. As he pumped deeper, longer. “C’mon duchess. Give me what I need and I'll fill you with my seed.”

"Sam!” Her muscles snapped tight. Her teeth bit down harder and then his little duchess growled, a feral, needy sound that shot straight to his groin.

"Come for me baby."

And she did, hard and violent, screaming his name, holding tight with her teeth, and her inner muscles.

And when she came back to herself, he made sure he was there, holding her, kissing her, smoothing the tears from her lashes with his lips. And when she opened her eyes, and looked at him, he came for her, giving her everything he had, every drop of his seed, every drop of emotion, wanting to fill her as much as he could, so full that the emptiness that had been in her eyes after Tejala would never be in her eyes again.

As the last pulse faded, a robin sang in the tree above them. The sun warmed his back. He eased the shirt from her arms and draped himself back over her, sheltering her from the breeze and any insecurities that might come calling.







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