Book Three Of The Award Winning PROMISE Series!
# Publisher:Sarah McCarty
# Language: English


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Wyoming Territory 1870:

Jenna never planned on getting married again, not only because her first husband had been a brutal monster, but because no man would want a crippled barren woman, but when fate sends her a helpless little baby to love, Jenna vows to do whatever she needs to in order to keep her daughter, even marrying Clint McKinnely. Big, dark and simmering with a deadly intensity, the exotically handsome ex marshal could put fear into the devil. He certainly strikes fear into her, but though she accepts his offer of marriage in the same practical vein it's made, Jenna soon discovers the man behind the reputation is a man like no other. A man to whom a woman could trust her heart.

Clint McKinnely is a man made hard by life, burned out by the choices he's made, looking for a reason to go on. He finds one in Jenna Hennessy. Lushly plump, sweet and shy, innocent in ways that have nothing to do with inexperience, she calls to him on the deepest levels. Still, he never would have touched her except for the vagaries of fate. When the town fathers threaten to take away the daughter she loves, Clint steps forward. While he can't offer Jenna love, he can offer her a home in which to raise the baby and the child the protection that comes with being a McKinnely. Having Jenna and Brianna in his home brings Clint a peace and satisfaction he's never known before, but even as he ferrets out the secrets that haunt Jenna's nightmares, Clint keeps his own close to his chest, knowing this is temporary, because even though Jenna is a woman with an incredibly generous heart, there are just some sins a woman can't be expected to forgive.


"Promises Prevail is an emotion charged book that will test the limits of your heart. This is an extremely well-written story with a wonderful plot and highly developed characterization. ... Jenna redefines the strong heroine, with an inner strength and tenacity for life that is outstanding...This is a book about survival, hope, passion and compassion,as Clint and Jenna strive to give each other the best part of themselves. Whether this is your first or your fourth read by Ms. McCarty, you’ll find yourself discovering that this author definitely has the Midas touch, with a Gold Star being the most natural reward for a spectacular piece." —J.B. DuBose

"Without a doubt, Promises Prevail has taken my breath away with its deeply impacting storyline and beautifully charismatic characters. The story flows remarkably well, never stopping the anticipation or excitement in the story...I truly feel that the depth of this book surpasses other books I have read in the erotic romance genre... Promises Prevail speaks of healing, not only through love but also through passion. Moving faster than most books, I reached the end before I realized it was over.... Ms. McCarty has now become the number one author on my auto-buy list." —Francesca Hayne

5 BLUE RIBBONS! - Romance Junkies
"PROMISES PREVAIL is one of the most heart warming, compassionate, love stories that I have ever read. Sarah McCarty is a truly gifted writer and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her readers next." —Dina

5 STARS!!! -Ecataromance
"Sarah McCarty delivers again with Promises Prevail, the newest in the Promises series. With her usual flair she has created a powerfully erotic, emotional, and thought provoking romance that draws you in from the first chapter and refuses to let go, keeping you wishing for more even after the story ends. I laughed, cried, shivered and moaned. Clint and Jenna are so full of life that you can’t help losing yourself in their story. Promises Prevail is unquestionably a 10 on the sizzle scale." —Rowan

MON BOUDOIR Rating: 5/ Sensuality: 5
"Ms. McCarty has again written a soul shattering, thrilling historical western that is definitely a keeper. I loved it so much that I need to read it again NOW." —Tina

"The addition of Jenna in Clint’s story unveils another level of the depth of this wonderful author. In each of her stories Ms. McCarty unveils a story of not only survival, but of how the human soul can endure and, with one great love, rise to a higher level than ever imagined. Each character is so well written and enduring for the reader. Jenna is by far the most complex of all Ms. McCarty’s characters and shows the depth of her own personal growth as a writer. If the reader is not interested in a story of the deepest, truest love, there is a smattering of humor which also shows the breadth of the author’s talent as well as some of the most toe curling, hottest love scenes written. As this reviewer read some of the passages in PROMISES PREVAIL I was sure that the pages were going to catch on fire from the heat! PROMISES PREVAIL is another do not miss in the Promises series – as with each of the books it is a stand alone, but the reader will want to read them all." —Gina

"Promises Prevail, third in the Promises series, is a very sexy, beautifully written story. It is full of deep emotion. Wonderfully descriptive, I was quickly drawn into the story by the characters and the obstacles they face. This is a very steamy book. Sarah McCarty blends the perfect combination of a terrific storyline, really in depth characterization, and rousing sex scenes. Promises Prevail, as well as all of Sarah's work, is a must read!" —Nannette

"Promises Prevail is an outstanding western historical romance! From the moment readers meets Jenna and Clint, they will be enthralled in their love story. This book is a guaranteed page-turner." —Sarah W.

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