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He’s the perfect lover. Six feet plus of perfectly sculpted masculinity. Talented in bed. Amusing out of it, Jacob McConnally is everything Sass has always dreamed of. The one man who can make her abandon her inhibitions and embrace the sheer joy of being a woman. And he’s hers. For as long as she can keep things free and easy. As long as she can deny the love she feels, because no matter how sexy Jacob is, Sass can’t see him as the family man her children need, and she won’t risk her heart or theirs on anything less.

She’s the perfect woman. Passionate, practical, and hotter than a firecracker, Sass Miller affects Jacob like no woman ever has, marking him with her nails and her emotions until dreams he thought long dead reawaken, and he is once again left wanting to be part of a family. But this time he isn’t a helpless kid wishing on a star. This time he’s a man who knows exactly what he wants for Christmas, and it’s Sass as his wife and her kids as his own. Now, all he needs to do is convince her he’s worth the risk...


"A Bit of Sass by Sarah McCarty is like a breath of fresh air to read... While erotic and steamy this book leaves you with a feeling of that anything is possible, and all you have to do is open your mind to it and never give up. Yes, there is sex but a plot so intertwined with the hot scenes you are eager to read page after page just to see if love can conquer all. Sarah McCarty lets you know that the curves and swerves of every day life affect her characters, as well making them easy to identify and relate to. Enticing scenes that invite the reader to be taken into a story that has it all, makes this one book I am keeping to read over and over again." —Wendi

"A Bit of Sass examines how one man comes to terms with his past in order to make a brighter future for himself, and for the people he is coming to love. Jacob has always enjoyed being footloose and fancy free, but with Sass, all he longs for is her love. His transformation from a man afraid of commitment to a man aching for love was swift but under the talented pen of author Sarah McCarty, very realistic because Jacob acknowledged his feelings and made the changes necessary to help him finally gain the family and love he had always longed for. It was pure hilarity watching Jacob learn to deal with C.J. and Corrine, but it was also touching... Add to the humor the simmering heat between Jacob and Sass, and you have the perfect combination for an erotic romance that proves to be just as emotional as it is sensual." —Sarah W.

Romance Divas
"This quickie from Ellora's Cave definitely heated up my computer screen... Both Sass and Jacob were characters I could fall in love with myself. I wanted to see them find their happily ever after. The story is well written, and the sex jumps off the page with its heat level. The Christmas setting will take you back to the holidays, and the sex will melt any of the cold snow for sure! I would definitely recommend this quickie from Ellora's Cave. 5 Kisses!"

"Ms. McCarty gives us a blistering wild ride with this story. From the first page, the sex is fiery and all consuming. You will roll with laughter as the kids of Sass try to outsmart an unsuspecting Jacob. This book is a definite keeper and should be read repeatedly." —Candy

"This was my first erotic romance that featured a single parent as an integral part of the storyline, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t have to wait long to find out, as the story started with a sizzling sex scene that set the tone for the story. Sarah McCarty writes with a finesse and directness in her descriptions that make her characters believable. Sass is a mom that makes her children a priority in choosing the man she keeps in her life. Even though Jacob is a confirmed playboy, he’s also got substance. He also happens to be one of the best lovers I’ve read in a long time. The erotic dialogue during sex quickly turned up the intensity and filled the acts with a carnal sensuality. Their sexual encounters are so arousing I needed an orgasm to take the edge off when I finished the story. ...I thoroughly enjoyed A Bit of Sass." —Sin StJohn

"A Bit of Sass is erotic romance at its finest! Steamy, sassy and sizzling, it's another stellar example of Ms. McCarty's fine talents!" —Julie

"If you enjoy stories that are realistic and filled with passion then A BIT OF SASS is for you!" —Vicki

"Sarah McCarty’s A BIT OF SASS is a true delight to read. As with every Sarah McCarty book I’ve read, you have wonderful characters, very hot sex scenes, a fun ‘glue-your-nose to the pages’ plot, and an excellent ending. This is a wonderful story that I’m sure I’ll read again many times in the future." —Chrissy

"A Bit of Sass is another wonderful story from Ms. McCarty’s imagination. She is able to tell a complete story with fully developed characters in only 66 pages. Ms. McCarty has become a must read author for this reviewer!!!" —Susan T

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