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No dead kittens before coffee

This is my one rescue rule, (and one day will be a title of a book) and one I hold inviolate. wilderwesten Yesterday, on a simple trip to the nursery to order 5 black night butterfly bushes, I ended up with a 5 week old kitten that was 3/4 to the way to dead. The nursery staff had found her crying in their hydrangeas. They brought her in and intended to keep her. welldone When they showed her off to me I automatically did an assessment and it wasn’t good. Anemia, dehydration, upper resp, frail, and so weak she really couldn’t sit without swaying. I stated giving them a to do list because she didn’t have much longer in her current state. Long story short, kitten is rehabbing with me for a long weekend and after a long night, I’m happy to report kitten is not dead this am. She is feeling perkier and ate a huge breakfast. She is now drinking water on her own. The L-Lysine I gave her for her upper resp has kicked in and green gungus has stopped flowing like a river from her eyes and nose which, of course encourages the eating and drinking. All systems appear to be normal and because she’s on the evo can, no diarreha from the diet change. Barring anything else perking, I think she’s going to live.

The only complication- She might be visually impaired which might explain why she was in that situation in the first place. She also just might be having blurred vision from the gungus and the dehydration. Time will tell.

I’ve named her Bella. Those who have read Sam’s Creed will know why when I say she’s an impudent little thing. Example one: She stepped in the water dish, spilled that all over creation and then proceeds to hop into her litter box. madness This results in uncomfortable lumps of litter stuck to her long fur. I pick her up and start grooming her with a flea brush. Takes her about two seconds to figure this out. What does she do? She flops over on her back in my arms and “presents” one at a time her minuscule limbs for me to groom. And this after only knowing me an hour! Laughing

So my reading and or other relaxation time this weekend will consist of reading Ms. Bella’s wishes and fulfilling them while explaining to the rest of the fur babes that she’s in quarantine and “No, she’s not staying and no you can’t cuddle guard, play, carry around on your back, nuzzle, nap with or otherwise interact with the baby.”

Sarah, very tired this am.

3 Responses to “No dead kittens before coffee”

  1. Aw! I’m so glad you took her in and are helping her. You’re a good person, Sarah.

    I bet she’ll have you wrapped around her newly groomed little paw in no time :)

    by Lone Chatelaine on June 21st, 2008 at 7:33 am

  2. Good on ya Sarah angel2 Your big old soft heart gottcha. Those of us who will put ourselves out there for a lost or hurt fur ball understand totally. I hope you’ll keep us posted on Bella’s progress. Did I tell you about the time I found a dog and later found out from his owner he was mostly wolf…yikes!! Nancy:)

    by Nancy Bristow on July 9th, 2008 at 12:50 am

  3. Hey Sarah welcome to the club I have rescued close to 100 now and still going strong. Be prepared for a holy terror. When their people raised they get rowdy. My little Trixie was that way, someone threw her out of a moving car. I found her crawling down the center line of the freeway at 11 at night when she was 2 weeks old. I was blessed with her in my life for 13 years. She developed a bone tumor (from a fracture in her pelvis when she was thrown from the car). God knows I loved her but she was a holy terror. I always figured it was because she didn’t have a mama who would slap her down when she got out of hand. Just had me who would say “Oh look isn’t that cute she’s beating up on the Nanuk again (Nanuk is a Great Pyrenees) Trixie wouldn’t weight 7 pounds soaking wet!!! dreamfairy

    by Vicki on July 29th, 2008 at 4:10 am

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