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I have partied in Second life!!

And it was fun. (Harlequin threw a part for Sam’s Creed.) My event coordinators/hosts/advisors, Shaylynne, Gina, Chloe, and Knuw made sure I wasn’t a total dweeb and decked me out in the best outfit. (I could seriously get into Second Life just to play dress up!) It was kind of fun to realize that even with a kicking body and great hair I still do not like too much skin showing. Sexy is fine, blatant is just not for me. dancekick I danced, (I could never move like that in real life!) chatted, listened to live music (Really live!) from some very talented musicians and had a ball.

In this community/game everything in world is made/created by players who in return earn SL money to spend and build their position within the economy. It’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around at first. There are definitely some very talented people in there.

I was all set to upgrade my membership to Premium and start a community there, but in doing so ran into something in the sign up process that made me reconsider and email support. Though an upgraded account requires a monthly charge and has nothing to do with in world, and they take the money immediately, that money is counted toward the SL limit of money one is allowed to utilize. IOW, if you pay for a year membership, you can do nothing with your account for three to four days and very little for the next month because they (without telling you anywhere in the paperwork or membership pages) apply the amount you spend to join to inwordl money. Oh, and I was supposed to get 1000 $SL upon joining. They didn’t appear either. I’m sorry that’s just totally dishonest and all I got in response to my email is a referral to the page that says there’s a limit to how many Linden dollars one can buy at a time. Well, excuse me, whatever1 I wasn’t buying Linden (sl$) dollars, I was joining the game. Two completely separate processes. At least from the paperwork.

Anyway, I think it’s definitely fun to do at a basic level, but be aware if you join at a higher level, the money handling is hinky (You pay for what you don’t get) and you are in essence shooting yourself in the foot. I don’t know if over time that even outs. I tend to take my impression from initial contact and this one was definitely a red flag.

I was told by customer support I could downgrade my account. I did immediately. It’s been “in the process” of downgrading for about 24 hours. Can’t wait to see how much they intend to try and charge me for the 10 minutes of premium service that rendered my account useless. *sigh* rant Live and learn.

So, in summation. SL in basic mode is fun. There’s a lot you can do with what’s given. Upgrading to premium brings you into seriously motishove iffy territory.


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