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Language: English
ISBN-10: 1419953990
ISBN-13: 978-1419953996

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An unwilling victim of an experiment gone wrong, mother to a child that shouldn’t exist, Eden Lavery knows only one person strong enough to stand between the Coalition’s fanatical quest for immortality and their threat to her daughter; Dusan Knight. Six foot three of solid muscle, Deuce wears his power with the easy confidence that comes from six centuries of commanding the Chosen, the inspiration for vampire lore. But Deuce isn’t just the source of legend. He’s the man she loves. The man she’d ultimately betrayed.

From the moment Eden reenters his life, holding the miracle of a Chosen child in her arms, Deuce burns with the need to complete their joining. Everything about Eden, from her sassy sense of humor to her delectably stacked body was made for him. But some things are easier decided than done. Amidst a race for survival, against an enemy that cannot be destroyed for fear of extinction, Deuce must fight for the future of his people and to convince Eden the passion between them is more than illusion. She is his Chosen mate, and nothing, not her fears, the Coalition, nor death itself will take her away from him.


RECOMMENDED READ! - Fallen Angel Reviews
"Conception is a gripping tale of pain, betrayal, love and trust. Ms. McCarty does a wonderful job bringing these characters and their thoughts, fears and feelings to life. They are vibrant and realistic, evoking strong emotions throughout the entire story. I found this fascinating world of the Chosen and the Others one that I want to revisit again and again. "

"CONCEPTION, by Sarah McCarty is the start of an awesome new series by this talented author. From the beginning of CONCEPTION, Ms. McCarty draws you into another world of the Chosen race of vampires and The Others who are werepeople. Awesome, awesome storytelling from the beginning to the end. You will be anxiously awaiting the next installment of this new series." —Barb

"This pulse pounding paranormal is riveting to read! Ms. McCarty’s voice is dusky, intoned with highly provocative eroticism. The excitement she pens runs through every word, sentence and snappy phrase. Every page is filled with intense emotional writing, enrapturing the readers with page turning madness. You want – no, you need to know what happens next. The characters and their dialogues are edgy – providing a perfectly masterful playground for the readers to dwell in. This premise is exactly what the paranormal/vampire reader’s hunger for. It is fresh - delivered with commanding presence." —Janalee

"Sarah McCarty's novel took my breath away! Conception: The Others is a fabulous paranormal romance which is as impossible to put down as it is to forget! Sarah McCarty seduces her readers with a story featuring a feisty and admirable heroine, a gorgeous Alpha hero and a page-turning premise which will keep you turning the pages very late into the night. Sarah McCarty has an astounding talent for enticing readers with her unforgettable passionate stories and Conception: The Others cements her postion as one of the best erotic romance writers writing today!" —Julie

"This extremely fast-paced story set my blood on fire with the relationship struggle between Dusan and Eden. The intricate connection between the Chosen and their shifter relatives, the Others, glued me to the pages. The elaborate traditions and dominant stance of the men kept me intrigued throughout the story. But most of all, I loved Eden. .... She is so realistic that I imagine I would be the same if I was in a similar situation. I also loved how she remained her own individual even when faced with Dusan’s dominant personality. Where he wanted her to bend to his will, she weighed what it would mean to their relationship in the end; she wouldn’t accept any disrespect and I adored her for it. Dusan comes across as a strong man who has a need to see Eden’s submission. He fights with his nature, which is so deliciously yummy that his demands were enrapturing. ... Unlike other novels I have read recently, I found myself truly enjoying the supporting characters in Conception. Their emotional connection to the story has left me waiting expectantly for a sequel. Overall, this quick paced and exciting story has pulled me into yet another exciting series by the fabulous Ms. McCarty. As always, this author hits the spot!" —Francesca

"Any time a story can take me from emotional highs and lows, I know it's an outstanding book and Conception certainly fits the bill. I was rooting for the characters the whole way... All the characters, whether secondary or first, come to life under Sarah McCarty's skilled writing and I had no problem giving this book a five heart rating. I only wish that I didn't have to wait for the next one!"

"This novel is created with passion, deep depth and wonderful characters. I couldn't get enough of this story. If you enjoy a vampire story that differs from the rest, do get this book." —Anita

"Sarah McCarty is one very talented author who writes an incredible story. CONCEPTION is the first story of an alternative Earth of Vampires (Chosen) and Werepeople (Others). These paranormal people are secretive and self contained. Eden is the granddaughter of a brilliant and ruthless human, who will stop at nothing to gain/steal the elusive prize of immortality that these beings possess. Eden holds just the right amount of spunk and backbone, but not in an over done tone. While Dusan is overbearing and is difficult for her to handle, handle him she does. It is fascinating to see these two, and their completely different backgrounds, deal with each other. It is a brilliantly choreographed dance. ... The whole story is masterfully written to keep the reader entertained and interested. Excellent book!" —Sarah Silversmith

"CONCEPTION is an awesome book that readers won’t put down until they finish it. Deuce is dark, sexy, dangerous, and a complete alpha male who will do anything to protect his family. Sarah McCarty has done a stellar job at combining suspense and romance with a passionate edge that readers will love. I can only hope this is the start of a series and there will be more to come." —Angel

"I thoroughly enjoyed Conception and found the story fascinating.... Conception is a very intense, complex, and arousing book. Moments of tenderness, drama, action, and passion all combine to make it impossible to put Conception down. The secondary characters are also intriguing. As with all of her books, Sarah McCarty's love scenes are more than just sex, they are an experience in lovemaking. I felt sated and exhausted after reading Conception. I very much recommend this book, and look forward to the rest of the Others series." —Nanette

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