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“You held back.” He tested the little crease beneath her lower lip with his tongue. “I do not approve of your holding back.”

“You don’t?”

He smiled at the breathless little question. He let his mouth hover above hers, so close a piece of paper couldn’t slide between, but not quite touching, prolonging the moment before contact, drawing out the anticipation. Her heartbeat went from gallop to thunder, her vaginal muscles clenched and released, the slick, wet heat of her labia stroked his cock with a feminine entreaty that everything male in him roared to answer. He held her like that for an endless moment, letting proximity and her own imagination heighten her senses. She sucked in a deep breath. Her pupils dilated and then contracted.

“Do you want my mouth, mate?”

“Oh God!” Edie sagged in his arms. He did not allow her the respite of distance, just held her there with his hand behind her head, and his arm across her back.

“That was not an answer.” Her body was already giving him his answer, her need so strong he could taste it on her scent, but he wanted the words to come from her. Needed them to. For all the times he’d heard them in his dreams, this time he needed to hear them in reality.


“You do please me.” He lowered his mouth to hers, gently, carefully, fitting edge to edge, seam to seam, sealing their lips the way he wanted to seal their bodies, until even the concept of separation was unbearable. She responded deliciously, her hips lifting to his, her head twisting in his hands. He clenched his fingers around a fistful of the damp locks. Her soft cry at the twinge of pain pelted his mouth at the same time that her delight swamped his senses. Desire, hope and embarrassment rolled from her to him in desperate waves. She wanted more, but was shy.

He touched his tongue to her lower lip. “There is no shame between us. You but need to ask, and I will give you anything.” He pressed gently until he came in contact with the inner lining. Her unique flavor rolled through his mouth in an addictive incentive to pursue more. “Just like you’ll give me anything, will you not?”


“Open your mouth.” He caught the plump fullness of her lip between his teeth and bit down gently, taking her gasp as his. “Let me in.”

She didn’t have a choice. Eden opened her mouth and her soul to his. She might have been able to hold out if Deuce had been rough or selfish, but his gentleness and patience in the face of the violent desire shimmering around him touched her in ways she hadn’t expected. He was bigger than her, a different species than her, capable of doing things she couldn’t even conceive of. Despite the danger that lurked around him like a dark cloud, his touch on her back was gentle, controlled, as he slid it down to her buttocks, his fingers sinking into the soft flesh, pulling erotically on the cleft between as he drew her up and into his kiss.

He was a creature of the dark, but when he held her in his arms he created light—pure, clear, brilliant light that started behind her closed lids and exploded through her head, her body, until it consumed her in the a fiery heat that left her dizzy. He kissed like a lazy summer day, heat and warmth seducing her into a complacent lethargy. Between her thighs, the ring warmed, adding fuel to the fire in her blood. She slid her hands up over the swell of the hard muscles in his arms to his broad shoulders, pulling herself closer to the flames.

He eased her mouth away. She shook her head. “More.”

She needed more. More of his energy, his fire and the pleasure he held out like a shimmering enticement. Deuce bent, swung her up in his arms and strode out of the bathroom. She turned her mouth into his chest, finding his nipple, licking it, sucking it, catching the small, flat nub between her teeth and biting down.

He stopped dead halfway to the bed, his head dropping back, his hair swinging against her arm. “Edie.”

She looked up. “What?”

He looked down. “You should not push me this time.”

His expression alone should have scared her witless, but it didn’t. Knowing she aroused him to the same level that he did her was heady and restored her sense of balance. “If you don’t hurry, I’m going to finish this without you.”

His head jerked back and he looked down the length of his nose at her, every century of living packed into the arrogance of that look. “You will not come until I give you permission.”

“Then you’d better hurry.”

He took a breath. She lapped delicately at his nipple, nudging it with her tongue. She could feel him reaching for control, and knew he found it as the heavy lust that swirled about her abated to a dull roar. “Be easy. I’ll give you what you want.”

But not fast enough. She could tell he had no intention of giving her what she needed as fast as she needed it. She’d spent years being good, years being what her grandfather wanted in gratitude for him raising her, tamping down her natural impulses so he would be proud of her. She wasn’t going to start that again with Deuce. She wasn’t going to be a good little girl who buried her desires behind a facade. She was his mate. Deuce was going to take her as she was, whether that fit his plan or not. “I don’t want easy. I want you.”

He took the last four steps to the bed and held her above it, his black eyes deeper than midnight, swirls of red glinting through the opaque surface. “You will have me.”


“You are not ready now.”

If she didn’t think he’d enjoy it so much, she’d bite him for that display of arrogance. “I’ve waited forever for you.”

“And I have waited even longer for you, so we will do this my way, and I will determine when you are ready.”

The slide down his body was pure torture. Every hard ridge of muscle teased her sensitive thighs and stomach, tugging at her new ring, the proud thrust of his cock settling to the outside if her thigh. As soon as her butt hit the mattress, she reached for it, levering it up and in until it was level with her mouth. Just a dip of her head away from pleasure. Fat thick and hungry, it throbbed. For her. She pushed her hair back off her face and licked her lips. “Maybe I can hurry you along.”

Deuce caught her head in his big hands. “It is not about hurrying.”

“But I ache!” From her knees to her breasts, she pulsed with burning relentless need.

“This is our joining night, mate. It needs to be done right.”

She kissed his cock, sucking the tip into her mouth, sucking harder when his salty taste greeted her efforts. Her clitoris swelled in delight. She squeezed her thighs together, twisting the ring between them, trying to appease her clit’s relentless howl for attention. Her effort to take more was thwarted by his hands on her head, pulling her away. His cock popped free of her mouth. The broad head glistened in the lamplight, harder than before. Redder. She looked up at him to find him staring down at her with an intensity that would have terrified her if she hadn’t been feeling the same way.

“At least part of you has the right idea,” she grumbled.

“You act like I will leave you wanting.”

“You already have.”

Deuce stroked his thumb over her lips, a slight smile on his own. “You have not yet begun to want.”

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