Spicy Excerpt from UNCHAINED: MAC'S LAW

Copyright © Sarah McCarty 2004
All rights reserved Ellora's Cave, Inc.

"I was hoping..." She bit her lip, and then said, "About the spanking, I really think--."

"If you don't want me adding on to that, I suggest you not mention it at all." He traced the edge of the lace, his finger skirting the dainty cluster of curls topping her pussy. This close he couldn't miss the beads of moisture caught on the inner curls or the sweet scent of her arousal. He leaned forward, wiggling his tongue in between the soft flesh of her inner thighs until he felt the hard bud of her clitoris. He rolled it around beneath his tongue. Her yelp proceeded her hands sinking into his hair and pulling his head closer. Reaching up, he removed her hands form his hair, and stood up. "These," he squeezed her wrists lightly for emphasis before putting her hands on the counter beside her, "stay here."


He cut her off. "No buts. I told you I give the orders. If you want something, you ask for it, but do not try to take over. If you do, I'll have to punish you."

She looked frustrated enough to spit bullets. And also intrigued. Oh yeah, she was going to be hell on wheels in bed.

"You're not turning out to be as much fun as I thought you'd be, " she muttered.

He smiled and kissed her lips. "That's because you're fighting me."

"I'm not."

He arched an eyebrow at her

She had the grace to blush. "Well, maybe just a little."

"Uh-huh." He bent back toward her groin, wondering how long she'd hold out before testing his resolve.

She made it all of two seconds, before letting loose with a snide, "but I don't see why you have to have it all your way."

"Because we agreed on it," Mac said on a sigh, scooping her off the counter. He probably should be shocked she lasted that long. She was an impetuous little thing, he thought with an inner smile as he carried her across room. By the time she thought to struggle, he was seated in one of the kitchen chairs, and she was face down over his lap, her jeans bunched at her thighs, her hands pushing futilely at the floor, trying to get leverage. Her bare ass thrust at him with every wiggle. She was throwing threats before he got to the first slap.

"Mac Hollister ,don't you dare."

He shook his head and smiled as he brought his hand down gently across both cheeks. She really was one for pushing. She gasped and froze. He left his hand where it landed.

"I'm going to dare a hell of a lot more than this," he warned her as she shifted beneath his touch. She had the most delectable butt. Plump and firm, very white against the tan of his hand. Very tempting.

"You are?" She didn't sound like she knew how to take that.

"Oh, yeah." He spanked her again for emphasis, keeping it light, letting her get used to the idea, watching as her ass jiggled under his touch.

"Oh God."

"Did that feel good?" It sure as hell felt good to him,

The muscles of her abdomen dragged on his thighs as she piked her body higher, positioning herself better. He rubbed his fingers over her left cheek. "Not good enough, Jessie. You have to ask me for what you want."

She wiggled her butt from side to side.

He shook his head at her antics, and gave her a quick pinch in reprimand. "With words, Jessie. With words."

She flopped down on his thighs. "You are so bossy."

"Which you like, so what's the problem?"

"It feels weird."

"To ask for what you want?" He stoked his hand fro m the base of her spine to the back of her knees, enjoying the different textures on the way, smiling anew as goose bumps sprang up in the wake of his hand.

"To give up control," she said with surprising honesty.

"Ah, honey girl, you gave that up the minute you sent me that to-do list. This is just accepting the reality of it."


"Just oh?"

Her chest flexed on the side of his thigh, and he realized she was nodding.

He wanted to kiss her right then so badly his gut ached. He settled for working his fingers between her legs and stroking her clit with the delicacy of a kiss. The muscles in her spine pulled taut with each pass of his fingers until she was braced across his thighs, her torso parallel to the floor. On the final pass, the muscles over her shoulder blades snapped into delineation and a fine sheen of sweat had her skin glistening. "So honey girl, did that little spank feel good?"

Her "Yes." was a gasp of sound.

He kept stroking her as he asked, "Do you want to feel a whole lot better?"


"Was that little grunt supposed to be an answer?"

Her head arched back as he pinched her sensitive bud lightly. "Yes."

He pinched again, harder.


Mac reluctantly pulled his hand from her sweet flesh, letting his fingers drag up her body's natural path, making sure to connect with everything in between. His reward was that sexy little whimper of Jessie's that could turn him rock hard in a second. His cock made its own little whimper in the form of a jerk and a pulse, hungry for her.

Damn, she was potent.

"Then relax across my thighs," Pressure between her shoulder blades had her collapsing against him. "Now just stay like that, honey girl, and let me make you feel good."

Immediately, every muscle in her body pulled tight.

"There's nothing to brace yourself for, Jessie. I'm going to make this very, very good for you. Relax"

He felt her internal struggle to do as he asked in the way her body tensed and shifted on his.

"Very, very good," he drawled as his finger trailed from the base of her neck up her spine to tuck into the crease between her buttocks. He got another one of those high-pitched whimpers and the slow relaxation of her body into his.

"That's right, just relax and let me make you feel good."

His first smack was just a ghost of sensation, just a little teaser to prick her interest. She jerked as if he'd landed a full blow. He shook his head at the reaction even as he ghosted her again. She had a lot to learn about him, one of the things being he would never ever break her trust by hurting her. This time she didn't jerk, just froze. With the next slap he gave her enough to feel, to arch into, but not enough to pleasure. Her immediate protest and wiggle earned her a little more force on the next blow, and the next. Her butt began to blush pink, her breaths began to come faster and every time he pulled his hand back, she was pushing back in anticipation.

Damn, she was a hot little thing.

"Do you want more, Jessie?"

He didn't have to ask her twice.


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