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Jessica Sterns has always been a good girl, doing right, dating right, following all the right rules. Now, at twenty nine, thanks to a life change, she’s got a whole lot of catching up to do, and a whole lot of bad girl to let loose. It’s just a question of finding the right man.
At first glance, Mac Hollister would appear to be just that man. The tall rugged rancher practically oozes testosterone while his indolent posture, easy confidence and raw masculinity just screams "bad boy". He’s the kind of man women spin dark fantasies around. The kind of man she’s looking for.

The minute the honey-blonde sets her dainty foot on the sidewalk in Round the Bend, Mac knows he’s in trouble. From the top of her head with its long french braid, to the tips of her toes with their delicate pink polish, this woman defines elegance. Not the kind of woman he prefers, but no amount of logic can dissuade his interest once he sees Jessie’s smile. He’s always been a sucker for a sense of humor. Especially when it comes packaged with a killer body and an equally killer wit.

Mac expects their affair to be short, sweet and safe, but he soon discovers that beneath that delicate image lurks a woman who can handle all the "bad boy" he can throw at her. She’s everything he never expected to find, and what started out short-term soon becomes a relationship that will demand a compromise he’s not sure he can make in order to keep the one woman he can’t imagine living without.


"All I can say is WOW! This story was beyond orgasmic for me, and if you think an erotic romance can't surprise you, think again. There were moments in the story that were utterly unexpected and all the more erotic for that fact....The romance between Jessica and Mac was bumpy, but if there was ever a GREAT, realistic HEA, this one was it...Sarah McCarty managed to stick great characterization, bits of humor, amazing sex, and an incredibly believable HEA into her book, and I'm glad I've read it. If there is just one book you pick up from Ellora's Cave this week, grab Unchained: Mac's Law without hesitation!" —Dani

"Mac’s Law has the WOW factor. This book is impressive, multi-layered, with three-dimensional characters that jump off the pages and make you wish you were visiting with them in the small Texas town of Round the Bend. Mac’s Law is steamy, memorable, and unforgettable in its raw depiction of small town America and the complex relationship that develops between Mac and Jessie....Sarah McCarty has managed to impress me again with her marvelous, heart-wrenching, and addictive writing. Mac and Jessie sparkle when they lock horns, and their sexual banter pulls the reader further into their story. The dialogue is fresh, the characterization is believable and the plot unfolds realistically. ... Mac’s Law definitely belongs on my keeper shelf." —Aggie

RECOMMENDED READ! - Fallen Angel Reviews
"This book is hot! The sexual chemistry between Mac and Jessica leaps off the page.... The pair are terrific, each bringing out the best in one another. The banter and battle of wills between the two is phenomenal...Sarah McCarty is a wonderful writer, handing the issue of trust beautifully. I look forward to reading the next book in the series." —Tewanda

5 RIBBONS!- Romance Junkies
"MAC’S LAW... is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Ms. McCarty has created two characters whose sexual tension is palpable and whose chemistry singes the pages. Their emotions grip the reader and hold their attention throughout. MAC’S LAW is not to be missed." —Ansley

"Sarah McCarty’s contemporary erotic romance, Mac’s Law seduces and holds a reader captive to the sexual tension, chemistry and emotions of the characters... The heart and strength of Mac is powerful and a reader can’t help but fall in love with him. Jessie is electrifying. She is a feisty, strong, yet vulnerable and very endearing... she is an amazing heroine who readers won’t soon forget. The secondary characters in this tale were a wonderful and delightful addition to this story, they made me laugh out loud and appreciate the bond of friendship. Mac’s Law is 100% seductive, hot and realistic..... Mac’s Law is a fantastic start to this new series. " —Tracey

"Mac’s Law is explosive! This is an extremely entertaining tale with characters that leap off the page. Jessie is a great heroine... I fell in love with Mac; he is a perfect blend of sensual and stubborn alpha male who will go outside his comfort zones for Jessie. I found myself glued to the screen, frequently laughing and panting out loud. Ms. McCarty drew my emotions through her tantalizing love scenes, witty dialogue and engaging plot. An excellent read!" —Jacqueline

"Sarah McCarty is certainly making a name for herself. She’s got sexy alpha heroes, strong and feisty women and a plot that will grab your emotions and not let go. All of those and more are in this latest release. UNCHAINED: MAC’S LAW is an exceptionally wonderful story that is full of lust, laughter, and lots of love... MAC’S LAW is phenomenal!... It is the emotions that are invoked that make this a top-notch read. You feel for these characters and can’t wait to see how they work everything out. Now go grab a glass of ice and a significant other and prepare to be blown away by this intense story!" —Nicole

Sizzling Romance
"UNCHAINED: MAC’S LAW took this reviewer on a roller coaster ride full of emotions, laughter, and the hottest love scenes that had me gasping for air and on the edge of arousal. Sarah McCarty’s attention to the minutest detail never fails to pull me right into her stories....I became an instant fan of Ms. McCarty’s after reading her first book PROMISES LINGER ; her books are seamless, and she is the master at fleshing out secondary characters." —Joy

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